Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We will successfully assist in the BIM process and see it through construction to secure the design intent through the life of the project. It is imperative the framing contractor is engaged very early on in the BIM process during the modeling and clash detection so the BIM work only has to be done once. All too often the framing contractor is brought in too late or not at all essentially negating the BIM process altogether. This is a concept we understand empirically. Active participation in the BIM process ensures a more successful project. We will receive the concept BIM Model from the design team and offer suggestions to streamline the construction process as we implement the model into the actual construction phase. We understand implicitly that working together with the other trade partners is critical to the success of an efficient BIM process and also as the project moves forward to the construction phase.

Construction Safety

Our commitment to safety is unparalleled. We will develop a site specific Injury and Illness Prevention Program and maintain it throughout the life of the project. Additionally, we will author a Job Site Hazard Analysis and submit to the Contractor for review.

Our EMR rates for the last five years:

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
0.60 0.66 0.93 1.12 0.90

Quality Control

Superior Wall Systems, Inc. has long enjoyed a reputation for the highest quality standards in the industry. This is evidenced by our long relationships with Kaiser Permanente, Irvine Company, and Webcor Builders. We take enormous pride in our craftsmanship and integrity. To ensure the timely delivery of a project QA/QC has been placed as a high priority for our firm. The goal is to achieve a zero punch list project so we can turn over the project as early as possible with the highest of quality standards in place.