Earthquake and Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of Mid-Rise Light-Gauge Cold-Formed Steel Framed Buildings6

This research aims to evaluate the earthquake and post-earthquake fire performance of mid-rise CFS-building systems through full-scale earthquake and live thermal testing of a 6-story wall-braced system. Through partnership with cold-form steel and other materials suppliers, design engineers, and insurance entities, a unique experimental program is underway. Central to this effort is the construction of a full-scale portion of a 6-story CFS-wall braced building directly on the UCSD Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table. Wall and floor systems for the building are assembled in a panelized fashion off-site, thus the overall erection time of the building is dramatically reduced. The test building will be subjected to low amplitude white noise motions and sequentially increasing in amplitude earthquake motions. Subsequently, live thermal tests will be conducted on two floors of the building, in corridor and room like spaces strategically designed to investigate thermal patterns that develop due to reduced compart mentation ensued during the earthquake motions. Read more

Orange County Business Journal Announces SWS Companies in their to 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies List 2014

September 22, 2014 Irvine, CA: Today, the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) released their annual list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2014.

Superior Wall Systems and it’s subsidiaries SWS Panel, SWS Truss and EZ Stud by SWS are amongst the fastest growing companies to top the list with an impressive average 30 increase three years in a row to over $90 million in revenue for the last 12 month period.

Ron Hudson, President of SWS Companies sees this growth continuing with his innovative technology that improves the quality and speed at which commercial buildings are constructed. This growth creates a win for all parties involved when they hire an SWS company for the commercial steel load bearing wall construction.


Superior Wall Systems (SWS) Announces Largest Prefabricated Load Bearing Wall Project for Assisted Living in Western US

FULLERTON, CA| AUGUST 1, 2014 –California based Commercial Real Estate building sub-contractor, Superior Wall Systems, also known as SWS, along with their companies SWS Panel, SWS Truss and EZ Stud has announced today that they have begun the prefabrication of the load bearing walls for the largest assisted living building project on the West coast […]

Superior Wall Systems (SWS) Announces Acquisition of EZ Stud

Expansion of an American Manufacturer FULLERTON, CA| JULY 14, 2014 –California based Commercial Real Estate building supplier, Superior Wall Systems, also known as SWS, SWS Panel and SWS Truss has announced today the addition of their new company and product line EZ Stud by SWS, which expands the growing companies products to include framing components […]