We will successfully assist in the BIM process and see it through construction to secure the design intent through the life of the project. It is imperative the framing contractor is engaged very early on in the BIM process during the modeling and clash detection so the BIM work only has to be done once. All too often the framing contractor is brought in too late or not at all essentially negating the BIM process altogether. This is a concept we understand empirically. Active participation in the BIM process ensures a more successful project. We will receive the concept BIM model from the design team and offer suggestions to streamline the construction process as we implement the model into the actual construction phase. We understand implicitly that working together with the other trade partners is critical to the success of an efficient BIM process and also as the project moves forward to the construction phase.


The key components for the framing contractor to identify during the BIM process is the location of King Studs, Kickers, Soffits and Ceilings as they relate to the other trades in the plenum space.  Working with the trade partners through clash detection locating the key components and modifying the basic framing profiles to virtually eliminate clashes and conflicts in the model as well as the field is a key activity for us.

Featured Building Information Modeling (BIM) Projects

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