SWS started prefab operations in 2012, opening an off-site construction facility in central Los Angeles. With prefab options, we can offer contractors and builders a better way to complete their job on-time and within budget - construction through prefabrication, taking the guess work out of cost estimates and reducing installation time. Prefab offers innovative simplicity of preassembled building methods - from the desktop to the job site. Our team is experienced, dedicated and the trusted resource in the industry for prefabricated building solutions.

We manufacture everything in-house, with our own employees.


square feet factory located in Central Los Angeles

The factory is a state of the art facility using the latest technology in pre fabricated wall and truss manufacturing. Included, are a BIM modeling and auto cad design department.

SWS Panel and Truss is located in South Gate, California, occupying a 110,000 sq. feet factory specifically designed to roll, form, and assemble load bearing walls and floor truss assemblies.

We have a highly trained staff to assist you in making your designs come to life. We pride ourselves in hiring highly trained Engineers, Project Managers, and Skilled Veterans.

We’ve grown to become a comprehensive manufacturer of steel load bearing wall products working across the country. We do more than manufacturer steel—we create environments where your team can grow, thrive, and innovate. Our superpower as a company is the ability to hear your need, envision it, and deliver against it.

To do that, we create customized solutions for the commercial building environment. We’ve built a team of in-house experts as well as a broad network of specialists so that we can deliver exactly what you need in creative solutions, technology, and load bearing steel wall systems. With every project, we strive to create—and realize—a vision that fulfills the client’s needs and results in an extraordinary environment.

Who We Serve

The SWS Prefab Structural System is ideal for mid-rise residential projects such as Senior Housing, Hospitality and Senior Living Facilities.

Senior Living

The SWS Prefab Structural System has been utilized on dozens of senior housing and assisted living facilities ranging from 2-stories to 5-stories in height. The SWS Prefab Wall Panel & Floor System provides a non-combustible, high-quality, noise resistant building that helps ensure the safety of its elderly residents and peace-of-mind for their loved ones. Designers and Developers of senior housing projects select SWS Prefab System for speed of construction, economical/lower construction costs, lower long-term maintenance costs, high quality, rigid vibration-free concrete floor, and a longer building life expectancy.


The SWS Prefab System is the best structural option for Hotels up to 8-Stories. Hotels are typically modular and repetitious which creates a very economical application for the SWS Wall Panel & Floor System. The speed of construction ensures the owner the earliest possible opening date, which reduces construction loan interest as well as the cost of the G/C’s General Conditions. And most importantly, this also enables the Owner to begin generating room revenues earlier. The end result is a high quality, noise-resistant Hotel building that will maintain its value and protect the Owner’s investment for many years to come.

Student Housing

The SWS Prefab System is ideal for Student Housing projects up to 8-Stories, offering the following advantages:

Economical: Lower Costs than traditional masonry, steel, pre-cast concrete or formed-in-place concrete framing.

Speed: Fast installation enables quick project completion under the tight schedules that Student Housing always seems to have.

Quality: Superior noise isolation from room-to-room and floor-to-floor. Longer building life expectancy as well as lower long-term maintenance costs.

Noncombustible: Metal stud walls and floor systems provide safe, noncombustible living quarters for students and peace of mind for their parents

While we’ve grown, a few fundamentals have remained constant. We’re still a family-owned business with client commitment and superior partnership foremost in mind on every job. We’re still driven to bring creative solutions and expertise to every challenge. We also love what we do—and it shows, in both the quality of our work and in the enduring relationships that have fueled our company growth.

— Ron Hudson, Founder & President

We are highly responsive and deliver a consistent, high level of customer service. Our team provides an honest approach and demonstrates a high level of knowledge and competence.

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We create steel, load bearing wall systems for your team to do its best work. We do it through expertise, creativity, and attention to every detail - our ingredients for over 20 years.

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