We create customized solutions for the commercial building environment. We’ve built a team of in-house experts as well as a broad network of specialists so that we can deliver exactly what you need. We leverage technology to provide creative solutions with cold-formed steel load-bearing wall panels, floor systems and trusses. We keep our client's needs and bottom line in mind to develop solutions that work within the allotted time-frame and budget.

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Why Prefab is increasing today:

01 / Site impact

Fewer onsite materials reduce congestion and injury potential while improving traffic flow

02 / Safety

Increased safety by numerous measures. Construction staff stand at floor level instead of working above their heads on ladders. The process can introduce equipment to help move items. Lighting can be optimized, in lieu of temporary construction lighting.

03 / Improved design

Virtual Design and Construction essentially models all aspects of the building components. This enables innovation, improves quality, reduces errors and neutralizes escalation costs.

04 / Speed to market

Prefabricated building components advances supply chain deliverables and accelerates early revenue.

05 / Cost control

The Prefab building process identifies cost commitments early on in the process thanks to proven predictability of outcomes. This increases the likelihood each project to meet budget.

06 / Offset Worker Shortage

Prefabrication enables greater production offsite, reducing the need to increase labor pending the size and complexity of the project.

07 / Collaboration

Designers, Contractors, Trade Partners, Engineers and Others all work together toward one unified goal and plan. No separate agendas or processes. True Design-Build delivery achieved.

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Featured Projects

Our Building Survived A 10.5 Earthquake

We teamed up with the University of San Diego, Department of Housing and Urban Development, California Seismic Safety Commission, and more than 10 of our industry friends to put our technology to the test.

SWS Panel Facility and MonteCedro Jobsite Walkthrough

See a walkthrough of the facility and some of the promises we make to our clients. We also then take you along to an active jobsite utilizing our panelization technology

See how quickly each section can be installed

This video is shot in 16x speed but our team was able to install this wall section in under 8 minutes.

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